As Roses

by Bomethius

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released July 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Bomethius Dallas, Texas

Bomethius is the alter ego recording alias of Jonathan Hodges (b. 10-10-96), a Dallas based musician. An accomplished violinist, Hodges started studying music at age 3. Addressing doubts, fears, and disappointments from his own personal experience, Hodges recorded the first two Bomethius albums alone in his bathroom and quickly developed a unique baroque pop sound informed by melancholy, and wit. ... more

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Track Name: As Roses
As roses a long line of blue
They smile indiscreetly up at you
The soul of the day in reward
You’re all that’s left so please keep from getting bored.

As roses a long line of red
They’ve fed off everything that’s failed that's dead.
And now all the dreams that you’ve fled,
We’ll find another one in your bed.

So close your precious eyes little one
And seek comfort in the darkness, when you’ve done.
The flame burns from blue then to red
Now rest in the warmth restored of what’s been read.

As roses a long line of death
So cast out all the demons in your breadth.
The lame and the weak will implore
But you must please just keep from getting bored.

Please just keep from getting bored.
Please just keep from getting bored.

As roses in their last waking bloom
Have flowered with a pluck of that finite loom
And friends to your side you recall
Who will catch you at the first sign of fall?
Track Name: Pax Romana
We're burning down statues and raising up new ones.
We all must hold the sign.
If you prefer to not to, there's a sign for that — and someone will hold it for you.
Given today we'll fight for you, but tomorrow we might fight you too.

So bombs will be dropped, and people will talk,
“Dear Bob what do you think?
Is the Pax Romana not magnificent?!"

“I don’t read fiction, I read history,”
He said, without the slightest smile.
The irony of it all is his mystery
But for us here’s a dusty pyre

But I'll stand with the Ottomans as they conquer Central Europe—
Burn down all the bureaucratic nonsense.

Finally, a position that’s completely clear,
Though they stand on other’s ground,
In the hearts of their enemies strike fear.

Learning is the new sacrificial lamb
And so we slaughtered our exams
I’ll regurgitate what you think you need
But history is just a recipe.
Track Name: You and Me
You call me your bunny
I call you my honey
We go perfectly
Which is why you can't leave me

You and me go together like
Cherries and ice cream.
You and I go together like
Whip cream and pie.

When I tell you, “I love you”
It's not a lie. It is very true.
Yeah, I will keep on lovin' you.
Track Name: Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
Have you been misused?

Your family cries divided
The fires of our faults ignited
Positions willfully assumed
Debts and rage exhumed

Love and labor
Without one a sabre
Provision is a step
Alone a step too few.

I didn’t love you,
And if I did I lied.
But the hatred in my heart
The hatred’s finally died.

Oh Caroline

I hope you’ve found a life to live,
And people with real love to give.

Time may never heal our wounds,
But we may as well bury them in these dunes.

This desert doesn't seem to end,
and my thirst remains unquenched.

Surely we’ve already seen the worst
But we’ve been saying that for years

The moon upon my misdeeds many shines,
And like Augustine I’m richest in pears and lies.

Just before I close my eyes
I hear your desperate cries.

And if I’m haunted here
I cringe to know your fear.
I almost remember happy days,
But these are just memories.

Forgive me, I’ve mumbled.
Forgive me, I’ve stumbled.

Oh Caroline.
Oh Caroline
Track Name: My Shadow
Stepped out of bed not knowing
What the day would bring but it looks like
It’s all really quite funny
My sunny day turned rainy

I’ve been looking for my shadow
My only friend—but it looks like
He’s not around
He can’t be found

It’s hard to live in a world
Where the sun might fade
Everything obscured by the shade
Tomorrow’s joys in sorrows presently paid

I’ve been looking for my shadow
My only friend—but it looks like
He’s not around He can’t be found
I’m all alone

So if you see my shadow
Please let me know
What friends I have are on loan
And my dreams it seems

Cuz I’ve been looking for my shadow
My only friend—but it looks like
But he’s not around He can’t be found
I’m all alone
Track Name: Mis[ter]conduct
What came first the projector or the screen?
The teacher or the textbook? Who cares what you've seen?
Wipe that face off your look.
Hang yourself on our hooks, they’ve been set aside for what we took
Here’s a combination, please lock your mind inside — no thinking during class.

We've invented our knowledge and called it expensive--but not all will be accepted.
You’ll have to meet the baseline digits
*Ah, yes. Between watering the concrete, and painting the grass green… tuition should only go up a couple thousand dollars...*

Incompetence and confidence the best teacher makes
Now please stop thinking for the curriculum’s sake
Find the debt that's right for you, fulfill your requirements and pay your dues.
At the end’s a paper, we had signed just for you,
*walk quickly—there are a lot of these to get through.*
Track Name: Birds Below
Do your eyes often to the skies ascend?
Soaring with birds below, and lyres above.

Have you scoured the weight of your power?
Conflicts in silence.

Have you had enough of all
You thought you desired?

Read Will Durant's story of humanity
The world is failing in perpetuity

Just because you planted an acorn
Doesn't mean you'll see the tree

If you can't bring peace to the world
Bring it to your family

If you can't help all the people
Just help one.

Abandon the warmth of familiarity
for the cold side of the pillow

I've suppressed more of my memory
Than I care to remember.

Now as in times past, it's finally December.
Just as in times past.
Track Name: A Winter's Chill
Twisting and twirling,
The bounding and swirling

Is strides ahead of
The life I had planned,

And furthers its span
In the nonsense of living

Where everyday is for giving.

And a winter’s chill reminds us

As Roses dormant close
Let's please just stay composed

For we all must reap what's been sown

The fireplace crackles that we are forgiven,

As the kettle said to the stove.
Its whistle is ringing

in ears that heard singing
Once not so long ago.

Together alone
With the kettle we're screaming
For that which we can never know.

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